Forged to Table Knife Show NorCal - Whos going?

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Jun 22, 2018
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So who from KKF is going? I'm driving up from SoCal and can possibly fit a few heads for carpool if anyone is interested.


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Appreciate the shout out @Jaszer13! I’m just gonna leave this right here for information sake-

Mareko Maumasi
Neil Kamimura

Knife Makers
Nanda Knives - Nick Anderson
The Artificery - Will Brigham
Alex Horn Knives - Alex Horn
Princeworks Forge - Joshua Prince
Wilburn Forge - Aaron Wilburn
Eagle Crest Forge - Charlie Ellis
Runningman Forge - Justin Stinson
J. Lees Knives - Jared Lees
Astral Works - Elias Sideris
Sacco Knives - Julian Sacco
Colony Knives - Andrew Wasnac
Toka Knives - Gene Benevente
Zim Knives - Nate Zimmerman
J. Lopiccolo Blades - Jason Lopiccolo
California Custom Knives - Don Carlos Andrade
Dambrosini Knives - Dylan Ambrosini
Jay Morgan Handcraft - Jay Morgan
Half Face Blades - Andrew Arrabito
Nicolaides Knives - Niko Nicolaides
Mertens Design - Tyler Mertens
Keanison Knives - Brian Montalvo
BRT Bladeworks - Ben Tendick
Bidinger Knives - Dan Bidinger
Shihan Knives - Shehan Prul
Orchard Forge - Warren Wall
SL Knives - Seth Lopez
Town Cutler - Galen Garretson

Imperial Leatherworks
Darkhardt - knife bags, aprons
Feldthouse Family Woodworks - cutting boards
Owl Woodworks -cutting boards
Block & Bowl - boards
Teton Leather Company
Rockin Blocks - fine woods

Eatingtools - New York
Bernal Cutlery - San Francisco
Crocker Cutlery - Sacramento
Northside Cutlery - Chicago
Blacksmith Tools Supply Co.

Combat Abrasives
Bachan’s Japanese BBQ Sauce
Craftmade Aprons

A Space in Between
oh no!! I am getting on a plane that day! I would have love to poke my head in to see the stuff.
***. I’m upside down! Lemme see if I can fix it.

Edit: I think we’re good
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I’m kicking myself for not making the show. I was just in San Francisco all week, came back on Friday; could’ve easily added a couple more days for a detour to Sacramento but I didn’t even realize how the timing lined up until I was already in SF. Oh well, next year.