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SOLD Fujiwara Maboroshi 180mm gyuto + District Cutlery Regrind

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Apr 11, 2023
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New York
Teruyasu Fujiwara Maboroshi White 1 180mm gyuto, yo handle. Purchased last March from Knifedxb for $240 + $80 for the District Cutlery TF regrind service. Asking $290 $240 shipped CONUS.

Used fairly regularly in a home setting, sharpened once on a Shapton pro 2k since the regrind. It used to wedge like crazy, but Ryan Swanson at district cutlery gave it a nice flat grind with more core steel showing. Now it has a smooth cutting feel while still feeling solid and authoritative on the board. Handle has good fit and finish despite the TF reputation for the opposite: no noticable step-offs or gaps, which I tried to capture in the video. Selling to fund single bevels.


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Just got my Maboroshi 240mm back from District cutlery for a regrind and I highly recommend picking up this knife!
The difference is night and day with mine! Cuts more or less like a kochi now lol so nice.
A tuned TF is world beating. Just received my 2nd Morihei TF and it confirms my high opinion of the grind/profile of these blades and the HT.