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Withdrawn Halcyon western petty in wrought clad 1.2562

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Dec 15, 2017
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Awesome knife, truly incredible steel, gorgeous cladding, but the handle doesn't work for me because western handles never do :(
Just touched it up on some fine naturals to remove patina. Will include a couple uchigumori finger stones too.

EDIT: Looking to sell now, $525

I would prefer to trade this to sell, but would sell if I don't get any compelling trade offers. Willing to do cash either way depending on the knife (I've also got naturals to trade if that's your thing...). $650 trade value. Ideally looking for a different wrought clad Halcyon, but will entertain other options including anything Yanick, Raquin nakiri, Milan Gravier, or other western makers working with wrought iron san mai. I also always like natural stones...
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I'm blown away by the steel on this one. I've gotten to use / polish several aogami super 1.2562 blades and all have visible grain structure at high refinement in core steel. This one's grain is even slightly finer than my Takeda and noticeably finer than other maker's I've seen. Steel takes a very keen edge, holds it well, but doesn't feel brittle or glassy. I should probably just find someone to cover this to a wa handle honestly...