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Jul 6, 2023
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Hi everyone. I'm Chris.

I picked up my first 'proper' kitchen knife about five years ago while travelling in Japan - a VG10 santoku from Kikuichimonji in Kyoto.

I've been keen to add to the collection ever since, and spent a lot of time lurking on these forums. There's so much expertise here and I found the process incredibly helpful in both getting a better understanding for what I wanted (and also what I didn't want) and also some tips on good makers and retailers. Thank you all!

That led to me recently picking up a 240mm Nakamura Hamono Kaishin Ginsan gyuto (stainless clad Silver 3, with a lovely hairline migaki polish) and a Tsutomu Kajiwara nakiri (Blue #2, kurouchi finish).

I would ultimately like to get a short-ish petty - I've seen a stunning Nigara Hamono that I'm trying to resist - but otherwise very happy with the collection for now! Although I do need to replace my beat-up cutting board at some point...

I'm also planning on taking a knife sharpening course soon and getting some whetstones, so I can do my own sharpening. A bit nervous about that, to be honest, but excited to learn!
Great start!

My son lived in London for five years and got to visit twice. Love your city! Borough market was especially nice.
Thanks both!

Great start!

My son lived in London for five years and got to visit twice. Love your city! Borough market was especially nice.

It's an amazing city. And yes, Borough Market is a wonderful place. Dangerous, though - it's impossible to walk through it without spending and eating lots, so I try to limit my visits to a few times per year! My current weakness is our local Asian supermarket - I've been going there most weekends just to browse all the amazing ingredients and products, then picking up a few random things and then coming home to see what recipes I can find to use them with. It's been a fun process!

I'm also happy/sad to report that since my initial post, my resistance to that Nigara Hamono petty failed spectacularly last week. It should be arriving in the next day or so. I'll post a few pics when it does!
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Welcome and I am London based too! Great to be trying sharpening. Definitely buy a cheap practice knife to sharpen on. You will hate fixing scuff marks on beautiful knives. My practice knife was totally beaten up for 6 months before I touched my good knives!

Great collection already!