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Mar 20, 2022
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Hey guys!

Jusy finally getting around to making my “new member” post. My name is Tyler, and thankfully at this point I’m still more addicted to reading about nice knives than owning them. Right now I run a (gifted used) Global G2, a Victorinox Santoku and boning knife, and a Kiwi 22 (love that thing). I’ve got Shapton Pro 320 and 1000 for stones, and a cheapo hinoki board.

I’ve also got fantasy carts lined up on just about every major knife website, but I think my first purchase is going to be from CK2G, with a chopper king white #2 cleaver and either the black pakka wood Takamura Chromax Santoku (currently in the lead) or the Masutani VG1 Gyoto/ Santoku, and a double sided leather strop. And maybe a honesuki lol.
Welcome to the forum.

You know that Portland Knife House (I think that's the name) is in your backyard? Only heard good things.
Welcome, I'm over in Lents. But I'm more of a Japanese knife enthusiast.
Will definitely check out Portland Knife House! I’ve been into Hawthorne Knife, and have been meaning to swing into Seisuke at some point.
Everyone here owns at least one Kiwi!
Haha good to know. I really love the dimensions of the 22, but haven’t found much for options for tall Nakiris. I’ll undoubtedly end up down the cleaver rabbit hole, but I also love how nimble the Kiwi is.