How bad will this tip chip be after repair?

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Apr 27, 2021
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San Francisco
I have all the stones needed to make this possible, but my real question is how should I approach this/ how bad will the knife be affected after repair? It’s 1mm deep, 2mm long. It’s kind of unusual compared to most tip damage I see

It was damaged in transit because the vendor packed it poorly. My options are to return less shipping or keep it.


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Not bad. That'll be easy to just blend at the edge. I wouldn't fuss with the spine.
Or you could just lightly breadknife it a few times to knock down the peaks, throw an edge on it and ignore it. It should sharpen out after a few sharpenings.

I'd expect a small refund from the seller though. File this one under, "yeah it's minor, but it's also brand new".
Yea, this seems like a situation where you should be able to argue for free return shipping.

If you do end up trying to fix it, I’d atypically work from the edge instead of the spine. Because the chip is long rather than tall, and not right at the tip, you‘d have to remove a lot of steel from the spine to get rid of it, and less if you work from the edge. On the downside, if aesthetics matter to you, you’ll have a hard time reproducing the finish on the blade if you work from the edge and thin enough so that the tip still performs.
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Awww damn that sucks. I’d return it; not sure why the vendor is making you pay for shipping for their mistake. They can take it up with their shipper and insurance, imho.

Sure you could repair it, but the knife will look different and do you really want to invest hours in repairing a brand new knife? If it’s rare and a replacement isn’t available and you really want to keep it, then ask the vendor to pay for professional repair.
I've repaired one just like that, and it takes time and a bit of expertise.

I'd absolutely return it.
Sounds like the verdict is in. The dumb part about this saga is I originally requested no handle but they said it might be damaged in transit if I don’t 🙄. A 5c piece of cardboard would’ve saved all this trouble

Is the vendor refusing to pay the return shipping? If so, I'd like to know who they are.
Yeah he seems to be a shaddy one… the handle thing is really suspicious…
OK I just remembered this thread. The troublesome vendor in this case was Syoukon.

On another note, I had a shipping mishap with a handle where DHL lost it. The vendor here (Staysharpmtl) immediately sent me a new one without any hassle. So A+ to them.

What was the outcome - did you end up returning the knife and eating the shipping?