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WTS HSC/// - Sukenari - Yoshikane

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Just shutup n' grabbit!
Oct 16, 2019
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These three for sale with new lower prices for those that were already BST.


More details about Sukenari (current state):

Withdrawn - Sukenari Aogami Super Gyuto 225mm

… but basically Aogami Super 215/47 about 190g with retextured KNS ebony.

240$ USD / 300$ CAD 225$ USD/280$ CAD shipped /insured Canada/ConUS

More details about HSC/// (current state):

Withdrawn - HSC/// AEB-L Gyuto 225mm (Custom)

… but basically AEB-L 226/52 about 180g with Harbeer’s excellent bog oak.

420$ USD / 525$ CAD shipped/insured Canada/ConUS SOLD

Yoshikane – used a few times never sharpened, so the following still pretty much applies:

Comparative Review: Three Small Sanjos



A bit of a taint on the Nashiji finish from acidic stuff. Nothing light metal polish work wouldn’t remove if it stresses you out but it’ll come back soon.

Basically SKD-12 167/51 145g with a Teak/Horn handle.

300$ USD / 375$ CAD 250$ USD/300$ CAD shipped/insured Canada/ConUS

I’ll knock 10$ USD for both!

*The USD price listed is what US based folks enter in Paypal no matter how it translates in CAD but the funds need be sent in CAD.

*International I’ll pay the first 20$ CAD towards shipping but we need to talk first.

Be well folks!
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Guys have you really looked at what’s on offer here?

Come on!
Then I'll have to ellicit more interest into this... :p
HSC is now SOLD.

Thanks KKF!

So for good sprits:

Sukenari now available with a 5% discount (let's make that 225$ USD/ 280$ CAD), and Yoshikane available for 250$ USD (let's make that 300$ CAD) everything on me but PM me first for current state and also I'll verify your zip code.
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