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SOLD Iromono (karasu?) awasedo

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probably staying up too late sharpening again
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Dec 15, 2017
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Got this one in with a large batch of stones recently and it isn’t a keeper for me given my focus on kitchen knives.

Iromono of unknown origins. Some darker splotches that if someone was really generous and squinting might be described as karasu. Comes sealed and mounted to a dai. I can include a little chunk of Narutaki you could turn into a small nagura on request.

769g w/ dai

It is hard and very fine. I wasn’t able to get a clean polish on kitchen knives with it - great mirror on the core, but streaky on the softer clad. Exceptional razor and/or tool finisher though. I’m no great razor honer but was able to get to HHT 4 off this. Also felt nice and left a nice finish on my stone-tester kanna. I can also see a use for this as a uraoshi or koba for singlebevel slicers.

Looking to get $190 shipped CONUS. Happy to ship internationally and will cover the first $15 of postage there.

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I’d keep it, because it’s so pretty and nice - the way the colors light up as soon as it gets wet makes me happy! But I’ve got a stone equally fine and just a smidge softer that is a little better fit for me.