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Bought Japanese Whetstone grit 800-1000. BOUGHT Japanese Whetstone grit 3000-4000 Australia

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May 12, 2022
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ACT, Australia
Hi I'm looking for Japanese Whetstone 3000-4000 grit with decent used or if anyone have it but never used them let me know. I want to try some new stones, so please let me know in PM. Ship to Canberra Australia ( Pearce ACT). Price includes shipping would be great.

Stone like Shapton glass 3000-4000 HC,, Suehiro, naniwa, or anything you have please let me know in PM.
Only looking for synthetic whetstone not a natural stone for now.

So if you have Japanese Whetstone grit 2000-4000 laying around and didn't use them please PM me.
Thank you all
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Hi I'm looking for Japanese Whetstone with decent used (85-95%) with grit 800-1000 like Naniwa chosera/ professional stone/ Arata 800 or 1000 grit.

Suehiro cerax 1010 grit 1000, debado SNE 1200 (grit 1000), Morihei Hishiboshi 10000

If you have Jpanese Whetstone that you have but doesn't use it anymore or laying somewhere Please PM.

I'm going to Australia in a couple of weeks and I left all of my stone in Indonesia. That's why I'm looking for a Sharpening stone in Australia for home use.

Just bought a Naniwa kagayaki 3000 from @cotedupy and I cannot wait to try it 😁. Thank you KKF

Note: Ship to Australia, Pearce ACT