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Jul 4, 2017
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Hey guys, wanted to give back to the community a bit, so offering this knife for a giveaway. It's an oversized 240 komorebi (about 250x56mm) ironclad blue 2. This is a laser, stock is thin and it's ground real thin. The hallmark of these is they are finished on jnats. These are about $450 new. Please note, you will need to provide your own handle.

This knife has been used only 3-4 times. I've been using it for fun to test out different stones I have with it. There are plenty of marks and scratches on it from polishing, and it has sort of a working kasumi on it, but will perform as good as new. Edge has never been touched.

Requirements are you have been on the forums, active for more than a month. I can't control what you do when you get it, but I would really hope you keep it either to use, practicing your polishing, or both, and not sell it along after winning it.

Comment below with an in to let me know you are in. I will draw sometime friday afternoon

Oh yeah, shipping included in the US. If you are international you pay for shipping at whatever cost it ends up being.

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Thank you for your generosity and for this post! it's very cool of you!

I'm in!
Aug 27, 2019
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Most definitely In! Maybe I'll move from stainless finally. 😄 Thanks for the opportunity!
You are the winner as post number 9! Please dm me your address and if you want hit up @icanhaschzbrgr about a handle!

Thanks everyone for entering this was fun, and hope we will see more in the future!