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SOLD Jnats - 2x uchi, 2x suita, 1 mystery stone

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probably up too late sharpening again
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Dec 15, 2017
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I’ve bought a lot of stuff recently and need to pare down. Happy to answer any questions, add additional pictures, etc. Additional polish pics can be added over the next week or so. Will do nice discounts for anyone buying multiples and can include a couple smaller finger-stones in any parcel if desired. All prices include shipping CONUS. Can discuss international shipping in PMs.

*SOLD* Okudo Suita - This stone is quite fine, but not hard relative to that fineness (to be clear, still pretty hard). Leaves an absolute banger of an edge and can be coaxed into a very nice detailed polish as well. The collection of lines at the bottom can be felt, but aren’t toxic and cause no issues during sharpening. Any smearing they cause in a kasumi finish is easily fixed by working the blade over the purer half for 30 seconds or so. Best finish I’ve achieved yet is off this stone - core steel bright and misty mirror and cladding with tons of details. Will include a small tomo nagura with this one.


Nakayama suita - This one has really great coloring and is luxuriously wide. The bottom of the stone wasn’t even and I’ve leveled it with epoxy resin. As time goes on, you’ll see a reduction in usable surface area, but still tons and tons of life left before that becomes a concern. Not the absolute finest stone, but a champ of a pre-polisher and a great middle-hard middle-fine suita.. It gobbles up stray scratches and leaves a really nice consistent finish that begins to show fine details in iron cladding. Easy to work up a slurry and refine it over time. Lines have never caused me any trouble at all. Good for edges as well.


*Reserved* Ohira Uchigumori 1 - Karasu and namazu all on one stone 🤯! Unfortunately its not the cleanest specimen with a larger line that can be felt running across the center and many other none-bothersome lines. Very nice sized surface area. While the line keeps it from being the best feeling stone, it is still a useful polisher. Easy to work up a good slurry can leave a nice scratch free kasumi. The backside (currently sealed) has less namazu and no karasu, but does have some sparse renge poking through. If you want I can lap off the lacquer on the backside (leaving the sides sealed) so it can be a double sided stone. The center line I mentioned earlier I imagine will need to be dug at some point in its life.
140x80 (flattened face) & 167x86x27 overall


Ohira Uchigumori 2
WTS - Small, imperfect uchi $95
$85 $80

Unknown midgrit - Not sure where this stone is from. It is relatively hard and relatively thirsty. Leaves an exceedingly consistent scratch pattern akin to an Aizu (2-3k+ range). Edges are something fierce, very very aggressive without being unrefined. I’ve used it occasionally as a middle step between a coarse Aoto and a suita or Uchigumori in a polishing progression and it has handles that well. There is a crack in the stone, but I’ve polished and sharpened over it without issue. Came lacquered into the wooden dai. This is my favorite smelling Jnat… it just oozes petrichor as soon as a slurry gets worked up. Speaking of slurry, this stone works best with a forced slurry from a worn diamond plate in my experience.
210x70x14 height measured by what is above the dai

1163g including dai
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Dude you are ***giving*** these away. It hurts me that I can’t take part. Guys don’t hesitate!
Thank you for the kind words! I’ve been lucky enough to get some good deals from people here and elsewhere in the past and just want to pass it along! I never would’ve developed the addiction I have now without gateway drugs like these
Oh dear! If that Nakayama is still hanging around later after I've had a few drinks... ;)

(Do you have any polishing/scratch pattern pics from it btw?)
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Congrats to the new owner of that Okudo. I used to own that one and let it go because I have a >1.5kg one that performs more or less identically, which will subsequently last me my entire life, and is my favorite edge J-Nat Ive ever owned.
Congrats to the new owner of that Okudo. I used to own that one and let it go because I have a >1.5kg one that performs more or less identically, which will subsequently last me my entire life, and is my favorite edge J-Nat Ive ever owned.
Yeah, it’s a good one. I’ll get another Okudo someday, but I find myself reaching for some new stones more often and money doesn’t grow on trees so here we are. Truly great edges as you say.