Just got a suprise in the mail!!

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The Edge

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Aug 6, 2011
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Reno, NV
I had ordered this knife a couple of months ago, and was told it would take around a year to get to me since it was on back order. Last week, I got a call saying that it had arrived early, and if I was still interested, it was available. Here are the specs:

Maker: Fujiwara Terayasu
Type: 210mm Maboroshi No Meito Gyuto

actually ~213mm from heel to tip, ~48mm high, and 3mm thick at the spine

It is thicker than I was thinking it was going to be, but I really don't mind. The handle is ebony. The only thing I can see myself doing to improve upon this knife is rounding the choil as it is quite sharp as is.

The knife looks to be double bevel 90/10 for right hand use. Steel is white #1 cladded with stainless.

Probably my sharpest knife OOTB besides my single bevel Doi.

Anyway, sorry about the crappy pic, but my nice camera is on the fritz, and all I've got is the cell.

Terayasu Fujiwara by taylor_e2001, on Flickr

and don't mind the dirty cutting board, I was in a hurry...


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Feb 28, 2011
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Nice! Can't wait to see how it performs for you.