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May 29, 2022
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Osaka, Japan
Team, I need suggestions for where I can find a cool kiridashi with some detail in the cladding at a reasonable price. I just want something to test jnats polishing qualities on..

It seems here in Japan kiridashi that are sought after can fetch an enormous price having been made by some old master that saved the world then died many moons ago... I'm just after something with some character and at a decent price. Like around the 80 USD mark, is that a reasonable price? I find it hard to justify spending more. I know about old kanna blades but Id rather have something a bit more useful. If anyone has anything they want to sell or trade, for an aizu or uchigumori coppa maybe we can work something out!
Just watch auctions and be patient, I’ve yet to see a new wrought clad kiri for the price your talking about on a Japanese web store. Eventually you’ll get something. @refcast is an expert in digging up cool cold stuff though, so he may also have ideas.
Hmm kiridashi with wrought iron are outrageously expensive usually, unless the iron patterning is extremely fine that they don't show up in auction pictures.

Kanna with wrought iron are the default, and are available at just about every price including rock bottom, though the condition won't be the best.

@ethompson and I would know how expensive kiridashi with wrought can get hahah, even on Yahoo auction. There was a new old stock one with wrought iron that went for $240. Use a proxy like from Japan (preference), or buyee (for Mercari). But you're in Japan it seems so you can bid directly I think

If you can find one though, then great!
@Wabisabi-Ken, since you're in Japan, your best best might just be going to local tool shops and such and just asking if they have anything that fits the bill. You could also try rural flea markets, a few carpenters I follow seem to find good deals on old tools that need some love that way.
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