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Jun 9, 2011
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I got it today, delevered yesterday... and all I can say is WOW :EDance2: While the pics where good, there is nothing like have this knife in hand. I could not be happier with this choice :) Jon is going to get me killed :p

Everything discribed about this knife is dead on, and more. Being a KU knut and seeing this up close really supprised me about how pics really don't do a good KU justice. There is great texture to this and refinement also. I have not used it yet (heading to the store for more goodies) but I know I made the right choice from the feel of the knife while washing it.

Thank you you all for making me a HAPPY CAMPER!!!

to be continued...
That is awesome DC! I love that feeling of opening up a new knife! Congrats on the new job as well.
Awesome knife, I really like how that handle looks also. Goes well with the KU.
What is the other knife? Is it one of those Harner utility?
What is the other knife? Is it one of those Harner utility?

Yes that is my first knife from Butch, it's my around the house and out on trips knife. I got another larger one for camping. Ya I have a few of his knives :p

I just diced up some peppers, onions and potatoes for a skillet scramble, got hungery... Edge feel is fantastic, and just a hint of patina starting :) :) :)

Some more about the knife out of the box.

As expected Jon did a very nice job of packing this for shipping, very secure and protected. Once out of the box I gave it the look over to see this puppy close up, things I would not recall till the next day lol... Texture of finish, grind, handle material, furrel, thickness of furrel, seating of the blade, edge/bevels, thickness behind the bevel, polish of the bevels, and so many more... As noted earlier the texture and KU finish are beautiful and I love it. But today I an struck but the edge and bevels. This edge is Carter thin (only other knife I have seen this thin), and the polish on it really lets you inspect the grind. This gives me a heads up as to how I'll be sharpening the blade in the future, fourth meal and still crazy sharp... The Handle is a very nice octaganal burnt chestnut with horn furrel. For me this handle is right on for the size of the blade, not to small as I have found with so many other 210's. The furrel is not a thin crust of horn ether, it is at least in the top 3 for thickness of my horn handles. No visable problems at all with the horn and just a hint of colors going through it, quit a nice pice of horn :)

While I still have a few days before I really understand everything about this knife I already know I'll not have problems with it at all.

Very Happy Camper...
Relative newb here. You said the edge was thin, comparable only to Carter. I thought Takedas were supposed to be pretty good in that department. How would they compare?
Keep in mind these are all hand made blades and they vary to some degree. As far as I've seen, these knives are the thinnest near the edge, Takeda included. The 240 mm, I reviewed was incredibly thin even a little further away from the edge than the one DC has. It was certainly the thinnest I've ever seen about 4 mm behind the edge.
Sadly I don't have a thin takeda :( so I can't compare that just yet. However I have seen some thin Takeda's over the years and I always thought carter was thinner, but that just me.