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Jan 17, 2022
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Nashville, TN
Hey y’all,

Looking to sell my Yu Kurosaki Fujin AO Super 240mm gyuto. This one is another beauty… This knife is quite sought after, and to my knowledge not available anywhere, as the Fujin is extremely popular but more importantly because Kurosaki San doesn’t work with carbon very often these days. In my opinion this is possibly the best knife he makes. This knife performs EXTREMELY well and looks just as great as it cuts. It’s very thin behind the edge and tapers down steadily from out of the handle and just before the tip gets crazy thin. Definitely a high performance grind all around.
The knife has been used maybe 6 times, all at home. Never sharpened, never stropped. It never needed it…as I said, this thing cuuuuuts! There is obviously some patina on the core steel but beyond that the knife is in great condition.

Basic specs:
Length- 240mm
Height- 53mm
Weight- 177g
Spine out of the handle- ~5mm, Halfway- ~2mm, just before the tip- .5mm
Handle- Rosewood/black pakka wood ferrule

If anyone has any further questions, feel free to message me.

This was for a long time, my holy grail knife. It was/is hard to find and sells out extremely quickly and for good reason! It is a joy to use… ground aggressively to very very thin but has a stiff, polished spine. The choil is also nice and polished and comfy.

This is also one of the OG versions of the knife. I have seen a version that has more of the “new” Kurosaki style spine that is slightly offset. Not this guy.

Looking to sell but wouldn’t be upset if I kept it either! This will make someone extremely happy. And if you are a Kurosaki lover, you already know about this knife and you’re probably looking for one 😁

Buy this before I change my mind!

$325 Shipped CONUS. Intl. message me.