Least favorite cooking/kitchen job

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Washing up. Anything that fits in the dishwasher goes there.
This. It's always the cleanup that bothers me the most.
After that... non-knife stuff like zesting lemons and grating cheese... Those are 'girlfriend-jobs' for me. :D
What kind of garlic does this work best with, do you think? Fresh/old? I try it from time to time, but it never works as perfectly as it does in videos. Usually helps some, and then I have to peel the rest of them. Then again, I hardly ever do enough cloves at a time to warrant it.

Did this a couple of times with a whole head of garlic and it was truly amazing, all except the tiny cloves that I usually toss anyway were perfect. Last week I peeled a whole head and used half of the peeled cloves in a stir fry thing, and put the unused naked cloves in a baggy in the fridge and used them the next day and they were still perfect. I will definitely do this method whenever I need a bunch of garlic especially if I intend to slice rather than dice or smash.
Cleaning the ovens has always been my least favorite kitchen job. At my first kitchen I did it a couple of times and it took awhile since it was hardly ever done. It was so much scrubbing, so any chemicals, so dirty.
A close #2 is peeling garlic since I stopped smashing it with a knife ever since I snapped a petty in half doing it. Now I just use my palm to smash it and then peel it with my fingers, but then my hands smell like garlic for the next three days :3

Have you tried using a small pan?

When I'm doing a lot of garlic I use a small Turk skillet as a mallet to smash it, a small copper pan works well too.