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SOLD Moritaka 240 Sujihiki - Priced to sell!!!

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Jan 17, 2022
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Nashville, TN
Hello everyone!

Looking to sell my Moritaka AS 240 sujihiki. I bought the knife from Coutelier a few weeks ago.. literally used it for about 10 minutes to filet a few Halibut and I think I cut up a few veggies just to test the edge. Knife is in great condition, has a little bit of patina on the core steel as to be expected. I also put some beeswax/mineral oil on the handle because it was quite thirsty.
Selling to buy a 270 Sujihiki in its place.
Knife comes with Edro Caramel Saya.

I paid $255 plus $35 for the Saya
Asking $200+ $20 for the Saya

$220 in total- Shipped CONUS (intl we can talk)

Basic info:

Length- 240mm
Height - 36mm
Weight- 128g
Steel- Aogami Super- Soft Iron Clad
HRC- 64-65
Handle- Walnut Octagonal w/black pakka wood ferrule




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I picked up the same knife in 300mm from Jackie at Coutelier a few months back. Great little suji that’s great for breaking down steaks and keeps its edge for quite some time. Someone is going to get this for a total steal! GLWS