My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

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From newly restored TxK to Patina. 😍🖤🔪✨

After two meal preps, here are my thoughts on the Joel black lazy twist

1. It's a beast of a knife. At 284g it's my heaviest knife and most workhouse profile
2. Edge out of box was great, no need to strop or put it on stones
3. The polish on the bevel isn't the best (visible scratch patterns) but at this price point, it's an insane value.
4. The core steel and cladding takes on a beautiful patina quickly.

Now onto the performance

1. Raw beef, no problem, clean cuts
2. Onions. Large dice cuts are great but due to its thickness horizontal slices are not good so fine mince cuts are not the best
3. Celery: it cuts
4. Bell pepper: The weight of the knife does all the work and clean cuts. However, it's hard to maneuver the knife when cutting out the core
5. Leeks: This one surprised me how well it did. On some of my knives, the leeks would ride up on the shoulder of the blade and shoot out but I didn't have that on this knife
6. Garlic: fine mince cuts would be a pain in the ass but rough chops with a rocking motion I had no fear.
7. Broccolini: Able to cut through entire bundles with no problem.
8. Baby bok choy: no issue
9. Cooked chicken thighs: So easy due its weight.

Well, that's what I have to say. This thing is a beast and It has a place in my collection.