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WTS Nakayama Kiita from Japan-Tool

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Jul 2, 2015
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Reluctantly for sale is this nakayama kiita from So yamashita, bought a few years ago. Measures 206x78x34. Its a softer type, probably level 4 on the JNS scale. Not as soft as some soft suitas out there, but real easy to use, self slurries and not overly muddy at all. Leaves a really nice kasumi finish quickly and easily, but not a super fine finish like you can achieve from harder type nakayamas. Produces a really nice and fine edge with bite, I like to finish my raw protein knives on it. The color isnt super yellow, more towards a mix of kiita and asagi, but I trust So Yamashitas expertise. You can see where the yellowish lacquer was chipped off and I applied clear cashew on top of it and it shows more of the true color of the stone imo. Initially bought as a polishing stone, Ive been using it as a razor stone as a pre finisher before the final finishing stone and it’s served me well. Bought for $1300, selling for $900 shipped in the conus, intl ill cover the first $25 of insured shipping. Thanks for looking!