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Mar 1, 2011
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Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of where Nenohi knives are made, and if they make them themselves? I never saw them in use in Japan, and searching for them for purchase on Google Japan brings up almost no results. I know they are sold through their store in Tsukiji, but I haven't been able to see the store yet, and that seems to be the only place in Japan that sells them. Is this a brand that has been created recently which is focused on exports? Maybe I just haven't happened to see them, but how many knife makers in Japan are there that produce well respected knives that sell for $2000 overseas that aren't hundreds of years old? Lots? I'm not saying they're not top quality, and I have no idea what they're really like because I've never used one. I assume they're great - they should be for the price. Admittedly I know relatively few Japanese knife producers, and there are lots of them that do small production. Maybe there are dozens of companies like Nenohi that I don't know about because I've been living in a kitchen for fifteen years.