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SOLD New! Ashi Ginga White #2 Gyuto 240mm

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Michael Browning

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Jul 1, 2018
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Originally purchased from Carbon Knife Co https://carbonknifeco.com/collections/a ... yuto-240mm. Paid $265, Looking to sell for $230.

Only have used on Po-Tay-Toh (Lord of the Ring reference?! Pippin!?
) Anyways. Its technically new. There is a light lacquer coating on it I find upon using where it wears off (see images). Hope this interests you! Need funds for trip and clearing drawer! Somebody please grab before I changed my mind! A damn good knife!
Yes it'll come with saya.

Weight: 144g

Height at Heel: 46mm

Spine Thickness: 1.8mm

Edge Legnth: 232mm
Ashi Ginga White #2 Gyuto 240mm Choil- Imgur.jpg
Ashi Ginga White #2 Gyuto 240mm Left - Imgur.jpg
Ashi Ginga White #2 Gyuto 240mm Right- Imgur.jpg

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