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Jun 13, 2011
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Ok, I messed up the last contest so I will do a new one.
The winner will be announced on Friday 6/24 at about 5pm PST. Sometimes I get a bit caught up in things so there is always the possibility I could be a little late, or early, but 5pm is the target time.

First the contest guidelines.

Make one post in this thread to enter the contest. Content of the post should be a short introduction telling a little about yourself. If you have had anything really good or kind of funny happen lately, feel free to tell us. This will help me to get to know you guys.
Your post number is your entry number. In the event of multiple posts, your first post number will be your entry.

On Friday the 24th I will use the random number generator at to see which is the winning number. The way the random number generator works is I enter a start number and an end number. The generator will select a random number within that range.

The prize for the winner will be this block of stabilized Black Palm.
I will cover the cost of shipping as well.

If you are a knife maker, this works very easily and polishes up really nicely.

If you are not a maker but have a knife to be re-handled, this wood looks great on kitchen knives.

If you are neither;
This makes a really cool paperweight. You can hold it and move it around and watch little gold lights go on and off as you move it and the light hits it from different angles.

This is the prize:

Sorry about the little thumbnail photo, but you can click on it for a larger image........I think.
Photobucket where I host my photos is acting up at the moment.
I'm in! Among other activities I'm a new knife maker, using the tools and equipment acquired over many years of jewelry making and woodworking. So far I've been using handle material from my stock which goes back to around 1972 or so. When unemployed in '72 or 3 a friend gave me a couple of planks of Brazilian rosewood that I will be using one of these days!

I probably should have waited longer to post, but whatta ya gonna do??
Yup, count me in too. I am no one. Just a burger flipper who likes knifes. In my spare time I like to rehandle knives and spend time with my kids. Oh, and I like to restore antique wood boats, just finished a 1936. 18 ft Royce.
I'm Tom and I have verbal diarrhea. I travel a lot for my job. I am often posting from my hotel room because there is nothing else to do at 3 am that won't get me into trouble.
Photobucket is working now so here is a better photo of the prize.
been cooking since the age of 12, got my first job at 16 as a pantry worker. after graduating with a culinary/business marketing/hospitality degree, I traveled for a 2 years as a restaurant/franchise consultant for a large corporation. Right now I am chef/consultant for an Italian cafe, consultant to a developer on his 3 restaurants, and started getting into kitchen knives about 6ms. and I honestly can't remember why? I am 44 yrs OLD!, youngest in my family, and have a very blessed life thanks to GOD. Oh, and single, no kids. Brothers and sisters have enough of them.

I hope that's enough to win, randomly of course "wink wink" :bat:
I'm just a home chef who's in the past year or so gotten into Japanese knives. I've had Dave already rehandle a few for me and look forward to many more years of knife collecting. I have a old gustav scimitar that needs rehandling that might work with well with this black palm block I'm about to win! :jumpy:
I am a home chef, interested in knives razors and sharpening.
My hobby is restoring,rescaling and honing straight razors.
I am a collector of Japanese knives and natural sharpening stones from Oslo in Norway. I also refurbish and rehandle knives and write a blog to tell a littlebit about my different endeavours in this field. A stabilized palm tree block would come to really good use in one of my many projects

I am a full time professional tattoo artist, knife maker, husband and father. I love to cook and a friend(Delbert) got me into kitchen knives. I am currently in the process of a few kitchen knives(My first :) ) and would like to continue making these beauties.

Former NYC line cook who burnt out on the fine dining scene, but Iam still very much in love with culinary equipment in general. Just started taking a deeper interest in cutlery...Would love to start doing some handle work on knives and this be a lovely start. Good luck too all!!!
Home cook here. While in ~7th grade, started to be tasked with starting dinner, as my mom worked. Mainly getting roasts in the oven (not a lot of seasoning, etc. went on in our house back then) and getting water boiling for boil-in-a-bag broccoli and cauliflower :) Took a cooking class in high school, and cooked more then normal for a single guy after getting out of college. Then had a long break after I met my first wife; she did not like anything made fresh and had a lot of food allergies. After we split up I took a bunch of cooking classes to expand my knowledge. Ratcheted it up even more after I met my current wife. We're just putting the wraps on a kitchen renovation/ addition that more then triples our kitchen space. I'm a civil/ structural engineer by day, and like to play with cars on weekends.
I'd enter, but I'm not sure what I'd do with that beautiful chunk of wood!
Unemployed line cook.... Hard Core carbon steel addict, Kitchen Knives, Straight Razors, Camp Knives, all carbon steel (save for a few specials). I'm one of those rustic organic flow types, smooth flowing orderly lines mean little to me, probably why I would never be happy in a "High Class" kitchen.

Nice block there, oh the possibilities :)
Home cook, but I also do quite a bit of cooking for friends and family on the weekends. Sometimes get in over my head but I enjoy it and it's the only way to learn.

Work in IT so cooking, knives, and sharpening are a stress reliever for me. My brother in law has a wood shop I keep meaning to take over to play around with re-handles. One of these days I'll find some free time.

It's nice to have you around. This forums really does have some of the best venders I have dealt anywhere. From your posts and what other people have said about you it sounds like you will fit right in.

My name's Eamon, I work in a college Cafe, and though I've been doing food service for a long time, i hate it. It's low pay, awful hours, and unfufilling!

I am very analytical, and do not have a good sense of what upsets people and what doesn't.

I have 2 kids, both girls, and I love them almost as much as my wife! I try to spend as much time as I can with them. If I win that block of wood, I'll use it to re-handle a gyuto I'm giving to a guy as a payment for swapping a transmission for me.
i run technology (desktop PCs to quantitative analysis to NMR machines and everything in between) for a university bio department, i'm a knife fan (clearly), an audio nut (i founded an run an audio forum that was originally a splinter off of an older site, very similar to what happened here), and i like beer.
That's a nice block, I like the angled cut, so i'll play also. I'm a home cook, I first got interested in cooking around age 16-17 when we often hung out at a friends place, half drunk late at night, and someone had to whip something up with whatever was there. I'm not proud, but it was a start ;) I have progressed a bit since then, generally enjoy cooking to relax but find that I take less and less time for it, too much else going on - and after moving to the US I have a smaller circle of friends, most of whom are happy with convenience food (sigh...). In my day job I torture students by trying to teach them about public health and research methods, and I add small puzzle pieces to human knowledge with a few research projects. Started making knife handles a few years ago as a relaxing hobby when Fish retired and the handles on my Carter knives were substandard. This has spun out of control since then... Became a bit more interested in photography again in the past few years, and between tools and wood for making knife handles and photo stuff I spend my time (and my money).

That's a nice block, I like the angled cut, so i'll play also. I'm a home cook, I first got interested in cooking around age 16-17 ..., half drunk late at night... I'm not proud ... but I have progressed a bit since then, generally enjoy cooking to relax ... In my day job I torture... and add small puzzle pieces to human knowledge.

That pretty much describes me so I'm in!
Okay. I'll enter.

I love wood and I have wood dust in my veins. I do have one good knife that I would have the block made into scales for so it would not sit idly by as a paper weight. I do a fair share of the cooking here at home and really enjoy using the grill outdoors.
Melvin here, line cook waiting for school term at Le Cordon Bleu to start. Started getting into Japanese Knives at the start of they year and stumbled into this forum and the story continues..
I'm a home cook, and I've been searching for the "holy grail" of kitchen knives for the last two years. I've come to realize that I'll never find it, but it sure has been fun along the way.

I'm in.
I'm a dad, husband and am in Canada - recently laid off after 10 years working for the local blue telco, and just landed at the red telco. I've been riding motorcycles for close to 25 years, rite now I have a Gen 1 Fz1 all modified and stuff. Apparently over the last few years I've shifted my attention from bikes to knives and my new pup.
I'm a home cook north of the border, enjoying a television interview of Rush drummer Neil Peart at the moment. As i get older, I find more of my preferences were influenced by my parents: my dad is a huge Rush fan and used to be an drummer purely for fun. Me, I have no sense of rhythm, but thankfully I can get into the flow with a knife at the cutting board :)

With Father's Day coming up, I just gotta add that cool dads make the world a helluva lot better - and from the sounds of it, there are a lot of cool dads in our midst here at KKF ;)
It definitely looks like an interesting block of wood, though I have trouble seeing the final product in things. New to the knife world, and trying to ease in without jumping without a safety net. Awaiting my DT ITK, but been tempted to try out not only things like the Kono HD, but some of the new knifemakers that keep posting beautiful work. Just keep telling myself to get a baseline first....don't buy everything at once, lol. Already have bought a good sharpening set, so where ever this leads, I should be able to keep things sharp (seem to be doing alright as starters....long way to go I am sure)

I play with number for a living, and this seems to be a refuge for my bit of OCD. My friends look at me like I am crazy...especially for wanting very sharp knives :) They are more on board for me wanting to cook more, although time constraints have limited this to date.
Pro Chef have been for 28 years.
do some handle work when time allows.
Graphic artist and also do a little photography. Work for the local newspaper here in cowtown. Love to cook and collects kitchen knives/cleavers. Also big with Mac computers.
That's a nice block. I'm in.

Right now I am a stay-at-home dad, though I used to work in post-conflict zones on international development projects. I got into cooking while taking care of my first daughter. I couldn't get crap done in the day, but the one thing I had to do is feed my kid and family -- so I made it interesting and cooked a lot of different things for a few years. I learned a lot. Now I am lucky to be remarried to a wonderful woman who fully accepts my knife fetish.