New West Knifeworks Fish Spatula - $15 spatula, $50 scales, and a $90 logo

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Credit where credit is due, I responded to New West and told them that I'd love to take advantage of their return policy, but the spatula was no longer in new and unused condition. I told them that I had cleaned up the rough edges and lapped the working edge flat, and used it a couple times.

Their response was "That's ok! We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our products, and that usually takes using the product."

So, while it's a ludicrously overpriced and poorly finished utensil, they are certainly standing behind their satisfaction guarantee, and that is good and right and something to celebrate.
True to their word, I got a refund less $15.00 for...something. It doesn't add up to shipping cost, and so I have no idea what it is. But hey, $15 to learn this lesson? I guess that's ok.
I'm not shocked..... I wanted a knife for a long while, then I got to handle one in person. I was unimpressed. Unbalanced, workmanship was mediocre to moderate, no real attention to detail. The knife itself looked the same as your spatula.... Like an off the shelf decent knife with expensive ha dmes and logo. Luckily, I was immediately turned off, and have zero interest in purchasing anything from them. Sorry you found this out the hard way....
That said I would like to hear more about whatever other premium utensils you have...... I like fancy kitchen stuff too.