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Feb 28, 2011
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My wife and I haven't had a decent vacation in many years. She works to much and I work to much and both of us are in a rut! So this year will be different.

In April, we will be going on a bus trip to DC just like the rest of the old folks. (I don't relish the idea of driving on the belt line and I have memories of that experience when I was selling in that area years ago. I'll let the bus driver do that.)

I have no desire to see any politicians while I'm there and the government houses are not to interesting, although included in the tour. The highlight for me will be the Viet Nam Memorial, a place I have wanted to go since it was built. I spent three tours there and I can in some way, pay my respects to those who were sacrificed in this politicians war.

So in April if someone tries to contact me, just leave a message and I will return the call as soon as I get back.

Photos when I get back.
congrats, decompression is a VERY important thing when you are your own boss,

it's tough to take a vacation because your always thinking about the work you need to get done at home.

enjoy yourself and try not to think too much about work.
Have fun on Your trip, David. Going on a tour where you leave the organisation to someone else sounds perfect if you want to wind down. Btw, I found the memorial to be a moving experience without having any connection to the Vietman war besides my general disdain for wars of any kind.

Wow, three tours! I'm a combat vet of that exercise and have not had the chance to see the memorial there, butt have been to the one here in Oregon, and it is a difficult experience. Have a good trip, and bring hankies!
The Vietnam Memorial is definitely worth seeing, very moving experience. So is the Lincoln Memorial. The Capitol building is worth a look, even if you don't want to see any pols (and who can blame you?), but whatever you do don't miss the Smithsonian! You could spend a week visiting its various buildings, never grow bored with it, and still not see it all. I especially liked the natural history museum, the aerospace museum, and the national art gallery. I've never had the time to visit the White House, but I think that would be interesting for the history of it all.
I hope I didn't mislead anyone with this thread. My wife and I will be away for only three days, not a month as someone has thought. Three days is all I can afford now but I hope sometime I can afford to leave for a month.

SpikeC - I have wanted to go to the memorial for a long time now. I have at least two friends with names there and it is the least I can do to respect their memories. If I had the time and could swing the extra trip, I would visit Walter Reed Hospital and take a bag full of goodies to the wounded there and forget the rest of the tour.

If you can break away from the tour a bit, try to see some of the stuff at the Smithsonian. In particular, the Museum of American History and The museum of Natural History are great. Your wife will probably love the gem room at Natural History. The Hope Diamond is there and it sure is a thing to behold.

Being a Vet you might also want to try and see the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetary.

Enjoy your trip!

Arlington is the last stop for the weekend and I will for sure watch the changing of the guard. I saw it a long time ago but was far to young to appreciate the work and precision that they go through.

Arlington - The family home of Robert E. Lees wife, taken over by the US government during the war and made into a military cemetery. If I remember right, it is a sight to behold.
Back from DC about midnight last night. I have to admit the bus ride was long but since I didn't have to fight the DC traffic, it was worthwhile. The Mall was crowded with spring break teenagers which made moving around a little tough but not impossible. Saturday was rainy but I refused to not get out to see the Korean Memorial, WWII Memorial and the Viet Nam Memorial. I have friends on the wall and it was the most important stop of all.

Having a little time out of the shop with my wife was wonderful. Now, back to work!
Dave, Three tours? I don't know what to say. Glad you made it back.