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SOLD Shigehiro 270

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Jan 17, 2020
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Catch and release. I loved the 240 version of this that I had and I thought I wanted a 270 but I was mistaken. This one is just too big for me. I'm not sure if it has been used or not but doesn't look like it. As a bonus, it has a crazy nice ferrule. Pics in the original link are better than mine so I've stolen them for a quick look in this thread (hope the originator doesn't mind). Original sale thread said it was 51mm but it was always 49mm. $350 Shipped CONUS.

Original sale thread WTS - Big gyutos: Shigehiro, Kemadi bulat, Nigara

Steel: Shirogami/White #2 with iron cladding
Heel-to-tip length: 258mm
Heel height: 49mm
Weight: 252gm
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I have one of these and leave it at my parents house. At this price I almost need to buy a second 😅

I know the current zeitgeist is taller knives, but this knife just handles so well for its size I’ve never missed the extra height. Even with big hands (6’5” can easily palm a basketball), I’ve never come close to being worried about board clearance. Grind on these is really excellent and fit and finish very good too - look at how nicely the blade flows into that bangin’ ferrule!

Makes me sad when knives this nice just languish in BST