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Jan 26, 2021
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Hong Kong
Hi Guys,

I have the great opportunity to hang out in Tokyo for nearly 3 weeks, so I have quite a bit of time I can set aside.
Will be there from Thursday onwards.
Can anyone help recommend some places to visit/ shop for knives?
I hope to start learning more about Nats, especially since I can see and touch them.
Definitely want to get some fingerstones too.

I don't really have really any specific knives I am looking, just shopping around...
I will definitely check out TF.
Would appreciate if anyone can give some pointers on where else I can visit within Tokyo.
Nice! I think I will be around Asakusa quite a bit, so thats convenient
Never been to Japan, but Tsubaya and Morihei are in Tokyo right? They should have some interested things.

Yep, both excellent places and well worthy of a visit!
Note that Morihei is in Asakusabashi, which is different than Asakusa. Not super far, but about 25-30 minutes by foot/subway from Kappabashi. I never saw any knife stores very close to Morihei, but it's worth its own trip for sure.
Any where in particular would you recommend for stones?
Fingerstones for sure, and I am hoping to try out or get a NAT to see what the hype is about
I'd say try and focus on the experience side of things.

In terms of shopping, most of the places you're likely to find are geared towards tourists especially around the former Tsukiji market or Kappabashi. Not to say that you shouldn't go - it's definitely fun! Just in terms of getting value for your money, the higher quality knives are usually made for export (like what gets shipped out to vendors you know and love) rather than for shops that cater to domestic tourists.

It's not to say that you can't find a great knife at a good price, just that in terms of purely a knife shopping experience (customer service, QC issues, etc.), shopping in Japan can be hit or miss.

Go, have a great time, enjoy the food and and the fun and the ambiance. If you find a knife that works for you, but it!

Hitohira told me the shop is mostly for sharpening service. They sell some knives but "not many." It's also in Setagaya, a good ways from central Tokyo.

Morihei definitely sells fingerstones. They also have some koppa for reasonably priced Jnats. And of course plenty of bench stones. They have a range of stones, some are quite hard and more suited for tools. But also plenty for knives.
Hi Everyone, just a quick update...

I should have left Japan, but I contracted Covid on my very last day. The symptoms are super mild, but I can't get on the flight, and even if I do, I will be hauled off to mandatory quarantine when arrive in Hong Kong Airport.

During my trip there, I managed to go to Kappabashi. Lots of knives there, but a lot of it is actually normal Stainless steel (VG8, VG10s), mostly catering to Tourists I guess, but there are a few gems.
Some shops with nice knives, but much of it seems to be house brands, which I have no way to know if it is good or not...

I managed to get a nice (READ PRICEY) Nat stone, the shop keeper spent a lot of time selecting one for me. But he has no English, another customer kindly helped explain, but only a few words...
To be honest, I am not sure what I ended up with, except that this is roughly a good grit to start with, and the surface is nice and relatively long, so for a beginner I won't chip my knives easily. No clue on providence, but I am sure it will be a good experience. I need to comb through the Nat stone articles before I start on this... Will post some photos after I get back to HK... It is nicely wrapped up now, I don't want to take it apart while I still need to travel.

I got to TF, and managed to get myself a Tall Petty Denka, and a really nice Deba. I know TF has a fair amount of Haters and Fans, but I do find myself gravitating to my 210 Denka, so I reckon I will like the Petty.

Morihei was the one I was really looking forward to, but they were strangely closed in the afternoon on a Sat. Not sure why, but I do think I will be back in Japan soon, so I will come back!!

Again, Thanks everyone, especially Todd on the fantastic recommendations!!
Looking forward to pics of your trip and stone. Get well soon.
Hey guys reviving an older thread, so has anyone been to Hitohira's shop in setsugaya?