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Mar 17, 2013
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Dryden NY
Been collecting and playing with stones for years and being a grass is greener type, my line up rotates but every time I come back to the Kings, life is good, very very good.

Am currently playing with the King KD 1K / King 8K Gold for hybrids and for me, this is pretty much a perfect pair.

Each leaves an exceptional edge at their grit level. The KD1K edge has awesome bite and is very keen for its grit rating. The 8K Gold likewise is very very keen but still has loads of aggression. Using the two together in hybrid mode lets one dial in a super wide verity of edges, everything from long lasting tomato edges to sushi edges.

So yea, the King is still King !!!

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I feel the 6K is one of the best stones you can get for hybrid edges but outside that mode, I'm not convinced. The 8K on the other hand is amazing for hybrids and good for regular sharpening as well.
King 6k, good? Without using the words "paperweight" or "doorstop"? 🧐
I don't know, I've used a King 6k for decades on knives and plane blade and chisels. Does a great job for me.

The 1200 on the other had, I use to hold my other stones up to the correct height to sharpen with....
my line up rotates but every time I come back to the Kings
I know this phenomenon only too well! For me it's the King stones, Bester, Cerax 700/1000 and Ouka.

I haven't tried the King 8k yet, simply because I don't normally have a need for an 8k stone. And if it does, then I still have the Shapton 8k and many natural stones that are suitable for it.

I would be curious about the King 8k, but unfortunately it just doesn't make sense to me! I've been tending towards coarser edges lately...