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I plan to start making handles as well and am also interested in any recommended resources.
There are a number of great tutorial threads on here, which fully explains a step by step process. Between here and YouTube you can really get a pretty good idea how to get started. It has always been my experience that just about anyone on here is willing to spend some DM time helping new handle tinkerers get started. For what it is worth, I am planning on posting a thread documenting how I do a western handle. Stay tuned......
They really do cut supernaturally well, I have three (at least one is the Watanabe version of the same knife). Crap handles though! 😂 I am tempted to try making a handle, can you recommend any starter resources? Cheers!
I guess I need to try another Toyama. I got a kurouchi version and it was 'meh'. All the love I had heard and then THAT.
Purple hart for a petty

Curly mango and black gum burl with paper micarta liner on my Isamitsu. It was way too blade forward for my tastes so I added some heft in the handle department.


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Keen eye, kudos for that 😁

Nope, the “old” handle cracked under the final instalment. I suspect a bit too much glue was the culprit. So had to make a do over.
That makes sense--I thought it looked a little different, but couldn't figure out if it was just different lighting and angle.