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Mizuno Blue #2 Honyaki from @ashy2classy. OG handle had to be destroyed as it was installed very poorly somehow, when I pried it upen tang was very bent and it was expoxied in the top. Thought about blinging this out handlewise... but felt that the knife is pretty enough where just a black handle would highlight how pretty this thing is much better.

Fresh out of the spa and had a chance to debut for dinner today. Wonderful performer, righty ground, felt like a princess.

One thing I was not able to figure out was how to capture the hamon better for pics. Just attached a vid which probs shows the hamon a little better.



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Congrats on what looks like an absurdly great looking knife.
Would love a video or some more detailed pictures ❤️
Picked this up on flea bay for a steal..... I can't find any info on the brand but it is vintage, very well made and a tank. 230mm edge, 108mm tall, 3.3mm at the spine, 660g in weight. What a monster lol. It's gonna be fun breaking down chickens with this beast
That cleaver looks like the Two Goats branded Cleaver I purchased years ago from the Wok Shop. They still sell them. They call them twin Rams brand now.

Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 08.15.57.png
Thank you @crocca86

Simon 235/58 wrought iron deep etch with lovely stone polished bevels and bog oak handle. Simon's work is amazing 👏

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I was super tempted by this knife so thank you for buying it. Something about the pin and the semi-integral to taper was so satisfying about it. Definitely will be signing up for his newsletter for when I eventually have funds
Finally got this bad boy in the mail today. Put it to use right after removing the factory lacquer.

Already got some beautiful patina going from some juicy chicken breast I made with simple mash and peas plus quick pan sauce!


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This HF is awesome and I love the knife case you get. Simple steel, simple handle, heavy taper, really good profile, and one of the best convex grinds in the game. How could you beat this for $450?? Also, this tip will not last long…


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Finally joined the Merion crowd. Haven’t tried it out yet but it looks banging.
Handle is maple and carbon pins with black G10 liner
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You test this out yet? I only have a 200 mm of his but it's a sturdy, lovely little thing. Made me want something larger 225-260 range from him. His handles are consistently some of my favorites just from pics, curious if they're as comfortable as they look?
I have, and it is a cliche to say it’s an excellent cutter, but it really is. Of course that all depends on your preferences but as a guy who favours workhorses, this really speaks to me.
The handle are really something els. He has nailed that thumb rest and that makes it super comfortable in a pinch.
A bit front heavy (which I like) so balance is just after the makers mark.

This is easily top 3 on best cutting knives I’ve used. Wedges a bit on dense food, but I’m not doing high end precision stuff in a pro setting, so I really don’t care.

I want one in 240x58 ish at some point, as I do find it to be on the smaller side of what I enjoy to cut with. It’s just because I find that bigger knives has a fun cutting experience and some character that i like.

Fit n finish is great. Of course there are nickels and moans, but it’s small stuff.