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WTS Smide, Catcheside, Kipp, Toyama

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Jul 21, 2015
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I've been living the past year in France, but I'm back to visit for the first time since I left and I'm doing a bit of a clear out of some knives I left back stateside in storage with some family. With an uncertain future in terms of both location and work, I'm letting some stuff go to bolster finances. Let me know if I've forgotten some information or anything, it's been a while since I've done any BST posts. I'll do my best to answer messages as they come in, but preference will be given to those who want to buy multiple knives. Prefer CONUS sales, but international can be discussed.

Marius Smide Gyuto- $830
I got this in 2020. I'm not really sure if Marius is still making many knives anymore, his instagram and website are very quiet. Anyway, this thing is a killer knife. It's a nimble giant, light enough at 250gms to be used all day long without any wrist fatigue, thin enough to whisper through carrots and with good enough food separation to leave cubed potatoes resting in place. Lightly used, light patina, never sharpened. I also had Marius make the saya to match the handle. Please note while it was in storage this past year, it somehow got tipped and has small chip on the edge right at the tip (presumably it got knocked from the box being moved in my absence but I don't know for certain). As my appropriate stones for the task are all on another continent, I'm not well placed to fix it, but it should be easy to sharpen out.

280mm x 64mm
250 gm
1.2562 with 15N20 and 15LM Damascus cladding
Masur birch and buffalo horn handle
Masur Birch saya w/pin


Catcheside Cleaver/Nakiri- $1000
I own two cleavers in this steel from Will, with slightly different geometry and specs, but are overall really similar to one another. I'm letting this one go, though it was a tough decision. Used a handful of times, it's been sharpened once to test out the steel and has a light patina, which obscures the damascus in the photos a little. The steel, heat treatment, and forging on this one are top class. I've owned 7+ knives from Will since 2015 or so and this steel and his more recent forgings are amongst my favorites. I also like the blueing that he has begun doing. The grind is distinctly reminiscent of old Takeda, but with the addition of a heavier, tapered spine it just falls through food, it's easily among the most effortless cutters I've ever used.

C105 with wrought+C105 damascus cladding
Taper 8mm-1mm
Birch handle (that came with what looks like a small drill hole on the end)


Kippington Workpony- $620- SOLD
It's rare for me, but this one is leaving my possession as brand new and unused. I got lucky enough to grab one of these from Kip earlier this year. I had it shipped to my US address and have only now had the chance to look at it while back visiting. Though I favor heavier knives, I opted to risk a workpony after hearing such good things. I now understand the hype, but I also know that it's too light and thin for me. It's no slight on Kipp or the knife, I just know what my preferences are by now and this one won't get the use it should. It reminds me of a Xerxes laser I once owned, with all the fit and finish and half of the cost.

Tapering from 3.7mm out of handle to whisper thin

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-29BDzna6QmTUNRvEmuBvS9Ae7ah2_zZ?usp=sharing(Note that 2 of the photos are from Kipp himself. I wasn't really doing the knife justice with my own, so I added his, but I also want to be transparent about it.)

Toyama 210 Nakiri Ironclad- $425- SOLD
A knife and maker that need no introduction. Used sparingly, sharpened probably two-ish times if memory serves me. It has some patina. Toyama is my favorite japanese smith, but I have cleavers from Catcheside and Yanick that serve the role this knife would fill and unlike it's 270 gyuto brother, I don't know if I want to haul this across an ocean if push comes to shove. I couldn't find much information on what price these are going for these days, so I extrapolated from the stainless variant on BST and JNS. Feel free to make a case with me if you want, especially if you want to buy another knife in this sale.


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That Catcheside is really impressive!

It is. The forging work on the distal taper, drawing out the blade height, and forging in the subtle hollows is all super well done. Honestly, the steel is awesome too. Will says the C105 is from the 1980's and is 1% carbon with no alloys. It's super tough even with how thin the edge it, and takes a very great edge. I stopped it at an Aizu the one time I sharpened this one, but my other Catcheside cleaver in the same steel I've experimented with from 800 to 8k or so and all the edges have been stellar. Any future knives I get from him will certainly be in C105.
Catcheside and Smide have had some nibbles, but no bites. I'm not blessed with a lot of time since I fly back in a week, so I'll offer the pair for $1700. If you want just one, make an offer and let's talk.
Bumping this up again as I'm back in the US for a week or so. Catcheside and Smide still available. Without giving the salesman vibe too hard, these are both top tier knives from smiths whose produce sporadically at best. Open to offers! Let's make a deal.
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Leaving the country Wednesday.

$1600 for both. That’s over $200 off what I paid. Two great custom knives for about the price of a Kato these days.