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SOLD Snake Sells Another Diamond Resin Stone (CGSW 8x3 full sized 5u) for cheap

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May 17, 2014
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Hey All!

Selling another diamond resin stone here. Per my typical sales this is priced to move and price includes shipping within the ConUS. Sorry no international shipping.

Selling a CGSW 8x3 5u diamond resin stone. This maker sells from their own website and through Gritomatic. Really like this one and it leave a crazy bright edge with that sparkly light glint off it but still has lots of bite relative to your average synth stone that leaves this level of refinement. Lovely stone I’m just pruning down my stupidly big collection again after another recent bout of “gotta buy it all”.

Price = $100.00
Good question on that, I would say 3-6k if that makes sense? Like it’s got a very solid amount of bite like a 3k but the shine and bright scratch free finish is more something you would see off a 6k stone. This is a fairly common thing with diamond resins where they leave really bright and scratch free finishes (good quality diamond resins that is) respective to their grit/micron rating. So it’s very much a finisher or last stone but doesn’t smooth over all your bite like some finishers can.