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SOLD Snake Sells Chosera Pro 400 and 800 for cheap

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May 17, 2014
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Hey All,

You know the deal, cheap stones, shipping included, ConUS only. The 400 is missing maybe 1mm at most, the Chosera is missing a few mm compared to the 400 but still has tons of life left in it. Selling both of these together to save on shipping a bit. Thanks all and enjoy, this would make a killer 1-2 punch for just about anything for cheap. Splash and go too so extra convenient.

Price = $50.00
Yup it's a killer combo on just about anything. The 400 works well on okay-ish and even garbage steel and is a good 1 stone solution for that stuff. The 800 lets you go on for finer steels and carbon. The 800 is actually a really good stopping point for any decent knives as well if you value having some tooth left over and great bite for tomatoes and such.