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Mar 23, 2021
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What’s the deal with the double cladding line? I know the normal one is some sort of layer separating the cladding and the core (nickel?) but the light part in the cladding that follows that line.. what’s going on there?

Theoretically the cladding shouldn’t show any properties of the core as they’re different metals, but the polish in that area looks much closer to the core steel than the rest of the cladding.
Huh never knew that's what that line was.

I've heard when different fluxes are used the resulting line between the steel can vary. Well not so much heard, but I saw a video with a maker. That did some forge welding using a purpose made flux (specifically made to be used in that way) that resulted in that same effect (possibly because of a better bond, allowing the actual steels to alloy together a bit? Idk just guessing, don't take my word on it). Where normally he used borax, and didn't see that happening.
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