Tanaka Yohei or Takada Suiboku?

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Sep 25, 2021
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So I was wondering, if there was any actual difference between Hitohira Tanaka x Yohei and Takada no hamono Suiboku, both knives in blue #1. Same blacksmith and sharpener (supposedly) so the knives should share some similarities.

I am not talking finish wise, where the difference is obvious, but mostly about geometry and actual performance.

I already have a 210 (195mm actually) takada Suiboku (white #1) so I know what to expect from the line. But I haven't tried a Yohei. From choil shots online, they seem pretty similar tbh.

I would love to hear your input!

The Tanaka/Kikuchiyo Yohei Kasumi lines are not at all similar to the suiboku line. If anything its much closer to the slightly heavier and thicker Reika line. Based on my personal experience with a 240 reika, suiboku w1 & kikuchiyo yohei b2

FWIW I do think there was only 1 available at Miura, the stock doesnt seem to update instantly, unless someone else managed to luckily snag 1 as well?

Additionally, the JPY prices are cheaper than the USD prices on Miura, so if your credit card can accept foreign currencies with no surcharge, thats a better alternative.

Also I will be able to compare them in a few days. I ended up ordering a Y Tanaka Yohei.
Karasu-knives provided me a choil shot before pulling the trigger. Here is how it looks:

From what I can see, it's definitely a bit thicker and more convex behind the edge than my Suiboku white#1. I am sure it's gonna be a great everyday knife that performs nicely and doesn't feel fragile.

That's just a guess tho. I will be back in a few weeks with some more info.
Wow nicee .. Awaiting for it Thanks
I got the knife 2 days ago. Overall I find it to be a really nice performer. Slightly thicker than my Takada but more convex. The edge doesn't feel as fragile, but I haven't noticed any wedging. Here is a post I made on Reddit, demonstrating some cutting:

Edit: it seems like it doesn't show the video from Reddit so I will upload it here as well:

Here is a choil shot from Yohei:



And here is Takada's choil shot: