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I would like to say thank you for the new sandbox Dave and also join you in welcoming everyone to the new forum.

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hey jim!!!!!!!!!!.......good to see u here boss.....lookin forward to a great place for sharing ideas!.....ryan
Hi guys, good to see you here. :cool:

We're doing some tweaking....I don't know how people do this for a living. :confused:
Good luck. I tried sending a PM, didn't work. Looks like you need to give permission for that somewhere?
Stefan can you try PM'ing again?

Also, custom avatar uploads are turned on now if you're interested.
Hello Dave and all -

Nice work on your new site.
Sweet! Great to have the site up and running!!

FYI - PM's by email are off by default in the settings menu.
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Hey Dave!

Love the layout, hopefully this won't distract you too much from making those knives ;P
Hi There! Never posted much elsewhere, and haven't even been reading in months, but I really appreciate all the advice that various "knife nuts" have posted all over the Web. They led me about a year ago to acquire a Tanaka Ironwood gyuto and nakiri, and — in all seriousness — my diet has improved because I look for excuses to use the knives. I am eating more healthfully and tastefully because of the enjoyment I get from using a good knife.

As finances allow I will be interested in a figured wood saya for at least the gyuto, so I'll be looking for direction about that!

Glad to be here!

Thank you for providing us with a new playground and forum for open discussions.

Introduction.... You know me :)

It's good to be here.

Great, back to being the new guy lol

Glad to be here!
Hello all. Super excited this forum is up and running. Thanks, Dave!!
Hi all!

I've spent quite a bit of time lurking and reading and learning on the other forums out there, but just recently have started to get active with posts, photos, and videos. I'm excited to finally see a place start form the ground up as a KITCHEN knife forum. I couldnt believe that the domain was still available- I guess it just shows how under served this community had been in relation to the greater knife world.

Thanks for putting this together Dave!!
man glad to see so many people joining up......i gotta get me a new avatar though.....i just tried to upload one from the stock images on my coputer....i don't have any pictures on here!!!!!!!!!......ryan
Haven't been very active on the other forums lately as other hobbies have taken precedence over my knife-nuttery, but I'm happy there's a new place for us. And glad to see so many new ventures from Mr. Martell -- when does he sleep? I'm sure these forums will be great.

Hey Folks,

Just crossed the bridge in to DaveForumLand. ;)

Hey Dave, which stone should I get? LOL
Hey everyone, glad to see that the kitchen knife community hasn't disintegrated. I'm registered here and at Salty's and will be checking both. Good to see some familiar names.
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