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WTS WITHDRAWN Some very nice Horse Butt and Buffalo/Bison large bases still available Already a great deal Holiday discount 10% off two or more

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Sep 4, 2018
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Hello and thanks for taking a look. In the last few months you might have seem some of my strops for sale. I was a bit reluctant but a past associate of mine persuaded me to make a rather large commission for them. And since I was still getting a lot of inquiry's. I decided to make a few more strops to sell. All leather used top grade veg tanned shaved, milled to specs. Bases are all larger 16.25 x 3.75 reclaimed Black Walnut, Oak, all quarter sawn milled planed to specs very stable wood You will also see some Poly Acrylic bases. FDA Indirect food compliant mold resistant single stage adhesive used. Assembled and cured on a machined surface. All based have a non slip backing applied.
If you think you are interested send me a PM
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Hello I have some high grade 12 oz Horse Butt Hand firm Light draw $63.00 plus shipping Conus If interested send me a PM


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Hello if you are still looking I have some really nice 12oz Bison/Buffalo hand firm light draw. Both the Horse Butt and the Bison/Buffalo great feed back very kinetic. They both can produce keen nasty sharp edges. $63.00 plus shipping Conus PM me if interested.


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