Your best Chimichurri recipe

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The technique I use that makes a positive difference is to mince the garlic, then cover it with olive oil in a very small bowl and microwave it for like 20-30 seconds or until it sizzles for a few seconds. Doing a "microwave fry blanch" takes the heat out of the garlic and infuses some of its flavor into the oil. You can add your chili flakes in with the garlic to similarly infuse their flavor.

For acid I like a blend of lemon juice and red wine vinegar (or other mild vinegar like champagne or even rice wine vinegar). A blend of citric and acetic acids lends fruity brightness along with a lightly acidic aroma.
Whatever recipe u use, after u mix everything blend 1/3 of it in a blender with some pulses, not too puree, just enough to emulsify a bit the olive oil and make it a bit “creamier” Then mix all of them back again and give it a good stir.

Ohhh my Fav sauce in the world, but also not one I ever wrote down a recipe on.

1. Warm (not fry) shallot and red pepper of choice in olive oil. I use a small saucier.
2. Cool the oil
3. Add cilantro, green/bell pepper of choice, lime (lemon if desperate), salt

1. Add parsley, green onion, mint, oregano, dried tomato (do not add tomato or you end up with spicy juice)
2. Wife blends. I don’t.

I prefer mine as little watery stuff as possible so I dont really add vinegar or more juice outside of whats in herbs pepper and the lemon.

I use thai red peppers in step 1 and jalapenos in step 3 usually if i feel like i had a long day. On chill days will just use half a bell pepper…