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  1. k4mino

    SOLD Munetoshi Kurouchi Gyuto 240mm Bloomery Iron **MAJOR PRICE DROP**

    Hey, im selling this Munetoshi Bloomery Gyuto from JNS because I bought another with K-Tip and to be honest, I’m a K-Tip lover. It’s not used I just polished up with Narutaki Kiita. If u want I can send a Video how it looked before. Price: 800€775€750€725€ 600€ Shipping is not included Can be...
  2. bshampton117

    SOLD KONOSUKE HD2 240mm Gyuto Ebony handle

    Used twice in a home kitchen. Laser for sure. Beautiful fit and finish, as one expects from Konosuke. Very light. Purchased from Chef Knives To Go, November 2023. Construction: Mono Steel, Laser Cut Steel: HD2 Height above heel: 48.3mm Spine thickness at heel: 2.3mm Spine at middle of blade...
  3. J

    Withdrawn Tanaka x Yohei

    Hello all! Looking for a BNIB Tanaka x Yohei 210mm or 240mm gyuto in Blue 1. Not too fussed about the handle, but am looking for kasumi finish. Looking for the lightest, laser-iest example I can find. Would also consider Takada 210mm and 240mm in kasumi, Suiboku (or HH at the right price). If...
  4. J

    Comparison of 240mm laser gyutos

    I'm looking to buy a 240mm laser gyuto, and the three that have risen to the top are: Kobayashi SG2 Gyuto ($300) Shibata Kashima R2 ($250) Konosuke HD2 ($340) The specs on these are relatively similar, the Kobayashi is the heaviest at 166g, the Shibata is lightest at 152, and all have similar...
  5. BoostedGT

    SOLD BNIB Watanabe KU Gyuto Beasts 240mm and 270mm

    For Sale 2 brand new Kurouchi Watanabe Gyutos bought directly from Shinichi Watanabe around 2019, both knives are brand new in box. Both knives are Iron Clad with Blue #2 core. The 270 Specs: Height 59mm Thick 4.5mm at heel Weight 301gr Handle: D-shaped in ho wood with black buffalo horn...
  6. fritzdakitzla

    Bought HADO Blue 1 Damascus Gyuto 240mm

    Hey guys, fairly new to this forum but already love it here! I‘m looking for a HADO b1d gyuto in strictly 240mm. Preferably at least 5.6 or 5.7mm height at heel. Price based on condition and handle. Based in Germany so preferably looking to buy in the EU but willing to pay for int. shipping...
  7. T

    SOLD JNS Mazaki Gyuto 240mm Charcoal Quenched Hon San Mai White 2 (made together with Kiyoshi Kato)

    Hey guys i would like to sell this JNS Mazaki Gyuto 240mm Charcoal Quenched Hon San Mai white 2. This one is really special because of the extra kanji on the backside. Asked Maksim from Japanese Natural Stones about it, and he said this knife was made together with Kiyoshi Kato, when Mazaki was...
  8. C

    SOLD Tanaka Kambei blue 1 damascus

    Hello. Putting this up for sale. A rare limited piece from Hitohira Tanaka Kambei. 240 mm damascus blue 1, mirror polish. Kiritsuke gyuto Its BNIB and comes with wooden box and saya. Its located in Denmark EU. Price: 870 euros Thanks for watching.
  9. J

    Y. Tanaka

    Gday people. I live in Australia and have been looking at some Y Tanaka knives. Chefs-edge has HADO shirogami 2, and Sakai Kikumori Tanaka x kyuzo aogami 1 knives. The Hado are a wide bevel with great geometry. Both are similar prices. What would be the pros and cons to each? I am really tossing...
  10. Tsundoku

    WTS Void

    Listing voided
  11. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 247mm AEB-L Gyuto w/k-tip

    Here's a solid one. While not a true kiritsuke I did put a k-tip on it, mostly just for the sake of experimentation. It's heavy, and thick, but still cuts very easily owing to a very thin edge that tapers from approximately .1mm at the heel, to zero at halfway and remaining so to the tip...