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  1. Racheski

    Withdrawn Burnt Chestnut Wa Handle

    Looking to replace the stock handle on a Nigara Hamono 240mm gyuto, which is too large for me to grip comfortably. Looking for something around 135mm that is octagonal, d shaped, or heart shaped. I’m happy to trade the stock wenge black buffalo horn handle if interested.
  2. 1

    Recommend me a Nakiri knife

    Looking for a nakiri. I'm not sure what steel i want but I am open to hearing your suggestions for what steel is good for nakiris for chopping veggies and fruits. The only thing I do know is that i strongly prefer western/yo style handles with wood. Im going to link some nakiris here that ive...
  3. KevinG

    WTB Stefan Keller Wa Handle

    Want to purchase any Wa handle(s) made by Stefan Keller. Thank you for your consideration.