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  1. wasacook

    Ordering direct from maker compared to vendors

    This is a question(s) for those folks who have ordered directly from makers like Shibata, Watanabe, or others in Japan. What was the communication process like How did you hear about ordering direct Did you receive any type or price reduction compared to ordering from a middle man How long...
  2. 1

    WTS Miyabi SG2 chef knife

    Miyabi Mizu SG2 8" chef knife. Great steel, beautiful hammered finish, with a Damascus pattern towards the edge. D handle. Great profile, very thin but still sturdy. Selling because I don't use it much anymore. I got it to use on the line as a sushi chef for a little while and it's been...
  3. 1

    Which fillet knife should I buy? 3 options

    hello, looking to pick up a flexible fillet knife for fish and narrowed it down to these 3. 1.) Burgvogel (messermeister) oliva elite flexible fillet knife, 18cm. Pros: made in Solingen, beautiful handle. Steel: X50CrMoV15 2.) Shun Classic 7 inch flexible fillet knife. Steel: AUS8A 3.)...
  4. cantdecidewhichone

    Review: Masakage Koishi Bunka 170mm with Aogami Super

    I'm a casual home cook, mostly Korean, Italian, Argentinian, and American food. Had a Tojiro DP set that needed updating. Got the Japanese knife itch and can't seem to stop researching. Masakage Koishi AS Bunka 170mm Purchased over: Nigara SG2 Kurouchi Tsuchime 180mm, Makoto Kurosaki SG2...