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  1. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 230mm 14c28n Gyuto

    Hello All, Here's the latest, a 14c28n laser in my sab style profile at a length that should be a little more comfy for home cooks. This is the lightest gyuto I've made in a while but the POB is still nicely forward. It should be a really deadly little knife for onions and the like...
  2. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 250mm 52100 Sabatier Styled Chef Knife

    Hello All, #4/7 Blade: 250mmx51mm 52100 (64-65hrc) scotchbrite belt finish Neck: 18mmx18mm Handle: 145mm long, 22mmx25mm tapering to 19mmx22mm, burned oak, oiled and waxed POB: 50mm from the hande Spine: 2.62mm at the neck, 2.23mm at 12.2cm, .48mm 1cm from the tip Grind: flat to convex...
  3. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 250mm MagnaCut+304 Stainless San-Mai Sabatier Styled Chef Knife

    Hello all, As part of my (slow) ongoing experimentation with high alloy san-mai, I made a bilet of stainless clad MagnaCut earlier in the week. Right from the onset this blade was challenging to make, and even the grinding was no exception. It fought me all the way (at one point developing 2...
  4. Dan Davis

    Breswick or Bresduck brand mean anything?

    Hi all - thx for all the views in the What's Cooking gallery. Anyone have info on knives that read Breswick or Bresduck on the logo? Sounds ridiculous but not come up on searches and labels but not sure if the engraving rubbed off and they look similar. Often they are claiming to be types of...
  5. Dan Davis

    Wondering about this Knife?

    How can you tell if this or any other is a "K Sabatier"? What are the telltale signs and is the authentic types of marking? Thanks again!
  6. Dan Davis

    Anyone seen this knife before?

    Interesting Chef Knife, La Trompette early Sabatiere I believe, looks like metal handle. Any thoughts on it?
  7. joostvdwerf

    Makers mark ID help nogent

    Bought a knife this weekend on the Puces market in Paris. Looks to me like a Sabatier / Nogent style knife. It’s about 30 cm / 12 inches very flexibel and slender carbon blade. I can’t find anything online about the makers mark. I see the numbers 303 and maybe the logo has the letter T D...