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SOLD 2×Hard Aono Aoto (Final Drops)

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Mar 25, 2017
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Jackson, MS
Hey yall, up for sale here are 2 pure blue Aoto. Both are harder and finer than most Aoto out there on the open market. The giant sized one is harder and finer than the smaller. Both are very consistent in regards to particle uniformity which is very rare in Aoto seen these days.

First up will be the smaller one. It's a catch and release stone with stamps on the face and side. It's coarser and more aggressive than the larger one and removes metal at a nice rate. It's moderately self slurrying and has a nice, firm base for mud to break down which is nearly impossible with soft mud bath Aotos. Lightly cured on the sides. It seems to me in limited testing to have a slight granularity but very smooth. Finish is beautiful contrast with haze and will make a nice base for Kasumi finish as you progress. I have a feeling the edges on this one will be nice and aggressive but not super coarse.


Asking $250
002 (3).JPG
003 (3).JPG

Here's the large Aoto. It's the hardest, finest Aoto I've ever used and acts much like a finishing stone and can absolutely be used as such. It's firm and lightly self slurrying and a quick diamond plate slurrying will speed up the action and increase cutting ability, just like any harder stone. It's a rare stone and not seen very often these days. Collector grade for sure. Kasumi is bright and starts a mirror finish very nicely in a progression proceeding a mirror finishing awasedo. Edges are refined with nice polish and yet still has nice aggressive tooth/bite. I feel like a lot of people are seeking this type of edge in a finishing stone and this Aoto will absolutely do that for you.

I have also used it extensively with razors and kamisori and I find myself using it a ton for that. It starts up a touch up progression very well and and will do so for knives/tools as well.


If I had to quantify the hardness/finesess ratings I would put it at 4/5 in both categories

Asking $375

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Here's the side of the lrg Aoto, I accidentally posted a pic of the smaller Aoto by mistake.
BTW I'm having trouble recieveing PM when I don't initiate the conversation. If any of yall that are interested notice this, please post on the thread and I'll get back to you ASAP, Thanks!
Need to free up some funds.

Large Aoto 325$

Offers always accepted on all of the stones.