SOLD 335mm Apex Ultra San-Mai Sujihiki

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Feb 28, 2022
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Hello All,

This is my longest blade in a while. It's been finished out to 1200 grit, and given a light etch and polish with loose abrasive to better reveal the core against the cladding.
  • Blade: 335mmx33mm Apex Ultra/15n20 san-mai ~67 HRC, 1200 grit finish
  • Neck: 15mmx18mm
  • Handle: 127mm, tapering from 24.8mmx22.2mm to 23.0mmx18.9mm, burned oak, oil finished and waxed
  • POB: 82mm from handle
  • Spine: 4.19mm at the neck, 3.75mm above the heel, 2.45mm at halfway, .80mm 1cm from the tip
  • Grind: flat to convex RH bias
  • Weight: 174 grams
  • Relieved choil and spine
  • Edge: .1mm
Asking $425 U.S shipped with insurance anywhere in North America, for shipping to Europe or Australia I will cover the first $32 U.S of shipping



I’m trying to convince myself I need this to usuzukuri my porchetta and Beef Wellington

I already have one sujihiki, but recent consensus says it would be lonely without a sibling

@nickw_ have you committed to a katana already? I will bow out if you want this one, else I will think long and hard, long and hard
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Ok, I will take this, please, as a present to myself for finishing, or at least properly getting started on, a grueling project that has had me sleeping 5–6h a night for the past week. Miracle I haven’t caught a migraine from sleep dep yet. Just the state one wants to be in when handling a super sharp short sword.
Okay now that the purchase is out of the way can we just talk real quick about something that’s been bugging me

Who invented the word “ultra”? These people:

2000 years later,

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Am delighted with the knife. First sharpening, I managed to both over-refine and round the edge. Rookie mistake. Will wait for my goniometer to arrive before second sharpening.

I have decided that most grape/tomato horizontal cut vids are primarily a test of how well you can get things to stick to your board, and only secondarily how sharp your knife is
BESS 150 after some thinning, clean cuts on paper towel. 100 more to go!

Slow and wear resistant on SG 220 and 500.

JKI 1000 diamond cuts fast as you would expect.

SG 2000 very fast, surprisingly.

SG 4000 and 8000 HC also swarfed up nicely while polishing.

Too tired to tomato, maybe later.

Goniometer shots are the new choil shot
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This knife did a stellar job on some boneless hams tonight. It also sacrificed its finish to an experiment: does Apex Ultra / 15n20 tarnish if left dirty for a couple hours after slicing boneless ham? The answer: oh yes it does, in a couple of spots, which polish out quickly enough with 1000 diamond.