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Sep 22, 2022
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I am fascinated with Japanese knives, and I would like to start buying a good one, I like the 210mm gyto, but I have seen too many brands and very high prices.

For now I want to start with a good 210 gyto Japanese knife, and hopefully it comes with the saya.

My budget for now is not high, I have seen about 70 and 60 dollars, but I don't know.

Which em recommend that it be a good knife, ahhh and I like the ones that come hammered and you can see the two colors, I have seen some completely smooth but I don't like them.

Thanks for your comments
Honestly with your budget there's not much options... Tojiro vg10 gyuto or Fujiwara Kanefusa are good and cheap options but they are far from fancy looks. For a bit more Guessing stainless wa-gyuto is pretty good and comes with a saya. For something more fancy looking Matsutani is a really good option, probably the best cutter in it's price range, only problem is he don't make anything above 180mm.
thanks for your answer, i see many models en amazon, but for you low price i have dudes of your quality,
thanks for your answer, i see many models en amazon, but for you low price i have dudes of your quality,
beware on Amazon, the description will often say "Japanese Chefs Knife" but if you drill down into the details you will discover "made in China"
not that China can't make quality things, but at that price I would assume 2 things, 1- it is not handmade and 2- the steel is very questionable and likely very low quality
here is an example of what I am talking about:


title: FINDKING Dynasty Series Japanese Chef Knife, Professional Kitchen Knife, 9Cr18MoV High Carbon Steel Blade, African Rosewood Octagonal Handle, Sharp, for Meat Cutting, 8 Inches

and if you scroll down to the bottom under the heading of "PRODUCT INFORMATION:"
Country of OriginChina
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tenga cuidado en Amazon, la descripción a menudo dirá "Cuchillo de chef japonés", pero si profundiza en los detalles, descubrirá "hecho en China".
No es que China no pueda hacer cosas de calidad, pero a ese precio asumiría 2 cosas, 1- no está hecho a mano y 2- el acero es muy cuestionable y probablemente de muy baja calidad.
estoy de acuerdo,

por eso mi pregunta en este foro