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SOLD Andrei Markin 260mm Gyuto

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Dec 21, 2018
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Hey all, long time no see. Ironically working as a manager in a restaurant meant I didn't cook anything at home for a year. Deciding to let one of two customs go. I'll keep the 240mm workhorse kipp.

Markin 260mm gyuto. I wanted a hybrid between his original design and newer style gyuto back in 2020.
Wx-15 HRC 63. Asked for a 52100 equivalent
Handle is a Pen style acacia burl
Asked for a slight lefty bias but it cuts fairly neutral as far as I can tell. Balance point is where the mosquito is. Tip is stupid thin. I love this knife but 240mm is all I really need in my house (honestly I don't need more than 210 but ya know...)

260mm Heel to Tip
55mm Heel
3.5mm width at choil
Hasn't even been stropped or touched up, I cut maybe 3 or 4 home meals with it. Comes in a small box.

Asking $310 CONUS.

pics inc from phone:
Helluva a price here considering it's really difficult to get something from Markin these days. GLWS
I figured cause of the state of the world. I just put it up for a little less than I paid, wouldn’t want to upcharge on his work.
Very cool of you to pass it on. Im sure the buyer will love it. I certainly love mine
I’ve been out of the loop regarding Markin, has his work gotten a scarcity upcharge, I did a search and saw no wts from this year