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SOLD Back home sale [Markin K390 stainless clad Gyuto left]

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Dec 27, 2021
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Just got back from China and sell some knives I haven't use as much, all great knives and don't deserve to just sit in my drawer.

1.Konosuke SKD 242 mm x 50 mm. 152g

Got from @myguidingmoonlight here, SOLD - Konosuke SKD 240 Special Saya, Yo-Ashi Ginga 240 Coke Handle Ver., Munetoshi All-rounder , he flattened the bevel and made it extra thin, the ultimate Yoshikane here, include a cool saya as well. Sell for $350

2.Markin K390 240mm Gyuto stainless clad

Got it from a trade with @daddy yo yo, excellent knife and K390 is amazing, I have a Markin custom incoming so selling this. Selling for $800 $700

3.Markin ШХ-15СГ(52100) 182x63 mm Nakiri

Got it from his BST post here -https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/nakiri-%D0%A8%D0%A5-15%D0%A1%D0%93-182-62mm.63523/, same reason for selling as above, sell for $ 320

4.Toyama 135mm Mukimono

Got it from a trade with @Choppin here, WTS - 270 Gesshin Ittetsu, Toyama 135 muki, fun little thing but too small for me. $200

5.Mikami Wa-Bocho 165mm Aogami 1 Wa-Bocho

Got another one I like more so selling this one. Great little knife, worked on the bevel a bit but not finished.

I’m keeping it


6. Kawachi Kunisuke Deba 180mm

Got it from @ethompson on BST here, SOLD - Kawachi Kunisuke (河内守國助) knives, good Deba and really nice steel, too big for me. The chipping is fixed but no Kasumi from me.



All shipping included for CONUS, for internation I will throw in $20. Stay tuned for more
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Just to clarify bit on Mikami Wa-Bocho, it is more intended as a fish knife, the spine is thick like a Ryo-Deba, not a Santoku
This was my markin gyuto originally. It has a fantastic thin convex grind. That k390 has some serious edge retention. I got rid of it during my “workhorse phase”but since I have come to appreciate a good laser as well and Markin does some of the best. Overall an amazing knife that would be near impossible to buy nowadays giving the shipping constraints out of Russia.