CPM-D2 Gyuto Pass-Around (Proposal)

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Time to leave my review. Was able to use it for longer than I should have 👀

Everything felt good in hand. Balance was good. No sharp edges or corners. Handle was well done.

Profile is nice. Definitely reminds me of a Sabatier. Not to much belly, while not being overly flat. Tip flew through onions, rest of the knife went through onions very good. Decent food release. Overall, it handled everything I used it on well. The steel was nice also. I used Shapton Glass stones and it was easy to sharpen.

I did touch up the edge initially on a Shapton Glass 4k. That went pretty easy. Used the knife for a bit. Then went to the Shapton Glass 500 and sharpened at the lowest angle I could hold, followed by Shapton Glass 4k. Afterwards, the edge was even better! The edge held up, no microchipping or edge folding over. Edge stability at a low angle was really great!

Overall, I liked the knife. If I were to make any changes, I'd go for a longer length and a slightly wider spine at the pinch grip. But that's all something that's more of personal preference.

Thanks @MSicardCutlery for letting me participate. I enjoyed your work and can definitely recommend some CPM-D2 steel.
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I liked the knife a lot. Specifically, the profile works very well for me and the balance is excellent. The knife is comfortable to hold due to thickness by the handle and choil area. The knife cuts well. If I kept the knife I think I would thin it a little behind the edge as my other knives from Matt are thinner in that area. Even so the knife cuts well with good food release for this type of grind. I'd call it a nice midweight. For me the handle is a bit too long, but that's personal preference and I like slightly shorter handles. I would also most likely want a little shorter neck or not, haven't really made up my mind on this. All and all a good knife with a really nice profile.
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Knife arrived with me today safe and sound. I should note, there are some very small black spots sprinkled here and there on both sides of the blade face. I don't think they're anything of concern, but wanted to call them out none the less.

This makes a nice first impression overall and I love the profile. The stout spine stays fairly consistent for much of the length before a nice taper to a solidly thin tip. It's a different animal overall, but that aspect feels rather reminiscent of a Xerxes workhorse I have. The spine and choil areas are not polished, but nicely rounded and very comfortable. As others have noted, it could be thinner behind the edge, but it is plenty thin enough without feeling like you need to baby it on the board. I only made some deviled eggs before the basketball game, so I did a few quick cuts on a sweet potato and a large carrot. Certainly not enough to form any significant opinions, but enough to make me look forward to really putting it to work this week.