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Jul 28, 2020
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Hamburg, Germany
Silver Steel 115CrV3 and wrought iron
215 x 51mm
175 grams
~4mm width at handle, continuous distal taper.

low tip, no flatspot. Forged thin, low shinogi.

Claro walnut handle

Balanced just behind the heel next to trashcan stamp.

Everything I told Simon he got done on point. Really happy how everything turned out.

the blade has almost no belly rather a continuous curve. For me this has a great board feel for push cuts and chopping.

Rocking chives and herbs still possible, which is great.

Compared to other steel / iron combos this has an intense smell - and also taste if not wiped quickly after onions / acidic produce. Nothing too crazy but more than my other knives.
Possibly less so when the patina is more developed.

Choil and spine are rounded nicely although the choil could be a tiny bit rounder for my taste.

The tomato skin sharpness does not stay long. But what's left is a very usable sharpness that stays for quite some time.

Overall a verstile knive that takes a very sharp edge.

PXL_20230713_123614742.jpg PXL_20230713_123623841.jpg PXL_20230713_123631151.jpg

PXL_20230713_122751574.jpg PXL_20230713_122814170.jpg


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