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The order for my client is completed and I love the result! He chose teak burl to get the copper accents of the blade in the pink that this wood can have combined with yellow for the brass accents. The ring is made of carbon fiber surrounded by nickel. I hope you will like it Fred! Gonna upload some pictures later ☺️

And here are the photos before handing the knife to the customer.


Finish two handle today! One is for a small petty with wrought iron cladding and the other one is for the one who bought Matt's first water quenched honyaki. I let the oil cure and I will rehandle everything tomorrow 🥳

This is a first for me today: I have never made a handle for a petty knife before! The proportions are really the most "difficult" part so that everything is pleasant in the hand and visually. I think the result is great and in the hand it's really comfortable.

I chose stabilized curly redwood with a micarta separator and an Indonesian rosewood ferrule, octogonal shape.

This knife is the creation of a blacksmith from Quebec and the steel used is 26c3 with wrought iron. Truly remarkable work by Ludvig Germain! I redid the geometry to thin the main bevel and finished it all with my jnat. So happy with the result!

This is the handle which will be installed on the next honyaki blade from me and Matt. If someone asks me what my favorite style of handle is, it’s definitely this type. This Indonesian rosewood has raspberry hues and I think the match with the copper is really beautiful.