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DST Sucks

  • Yes!

    Votes: 31 73.8%
  • I'm selecting the wrong answer.

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Actually, while most of the studies citing the problems with time changes note the short-term effects (e.g., more traffic accidents), the real danger is long-term, from messing with our circadian rhythm. Looking over the long term, it seems that standard time is actually better for us and keeps our circadian rhythm more in sync with daylight. Here is a decent explanation:
I honestly would be fine with either, though. I just hate the change, especially in Spring.
I’m with @WildBoar on this one, I’m in the construction business and it’s a pain to get things done in the morning with no light, and for the last 15yrs start times in construction have shifted to a 5:00am start. It’s also much harder to get to sleep for me when it’s still light outside since I generally get up around 3:00am and bed time is at 7:00pm or so. I also much prefer the sunrise to the sun set, so ST for me please. I seam to remember in California sometime in the 70s they did a year on DST and we waited for the bus in the dark at 7:30am and it didn’t get light outside until 8 or 8:30am.
Willing to bet most people arguing a side here fall into either the, "night owl" or "early bird", things for sure... Farmers aren't voting and don't give damn. Why would you when you work from sun to sun!

which farmers are there to care? the huge companies who own most US farmland? Bill Gates, the single largest owner of farmland in the country?